What is Java in simple words and Is Java dead yet?


Java is also a high-level, class-based, object-oriented linguistic communication that’s designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

What is Java used for?

One of the foremost widely-used programming languages, Java is used because the server-side language for several back-end development projects, including those involving big data and Android development. Java is additionally commonly used for desktop computing, other mobile computing, games, and numerical computing.

What programs are made with Java?

The reason is that the Java compiler compiles the Java classes into bytecode and this bytecode runs on Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM), which might be a specialized virtual machine (VM) for Android. samples of mobile applications are Photo and video gallery apps, Simple Calendar, Netflix, Tinder, QRReader, Google Earth, Uber, etc.

Why Java is termed simple?

Java is extremely easy to search out out, and its syntax is easy, clean, and simple to understand. in step with Sun Microsystem, Java language is also a straightforward language because there isn’t any need to remove unreferenced objects because there’s an Automatic garbage pickup in Java.

Is Java dead yet?

Over the years, many had predicted that Java was on the verge of dying and would soon get replaced by other, newer languages. … Attempts were made by languages like Python, Perl, C#, Ruby, etc. but Java weathered the storm and continues to be thriving today, 20 years later. Unfortunately, Java updates do not get much attention in the developer community but java is not dead yet.

We can use Java technology to develop the following applications:

  1. Mobile App Development.
  2. Desktop GUI Applications.
  3. Web-based Applications.
  4. Gaming Applications.
  5. Big Data Technologies.
  6. Distributed Applications.
  7. Cloud-based Applications.
  8. IoT Applications.

Learn more about Java.

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Does Google use Java?

Indeed Google is additionally using java heavily also. as I see it for few reasons: many developers at Google are well received with Java technology. Java is extremely common around the world and hiring excellent developers who are Java savvy.

Who uses Java?

9786 companies reportedly use Java in their tech stacks, including Uber, Airbnb, and Google.

Average Java Developer Salary in Nepal?

The average salary for a Java Developer in Nepal is रू344,711.



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