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snake javascript
snake javascript

Hey folks, welcome to the new blog of codewithnepal.com. After reading this blog, you can make your own snake javascript game within a few minutes. This is a basic snake game like you played on a Nokia feature phone. Similarly, this javascript project is for beginners as well so you can follow this blog to make your own snake game by javascript. Previously I had shared how to make a Personal Portfolio Website by Javascript. So now it is time to learn how to make an awesome snake javascript game( snake js).

How to make Snake Game in JavaScript?

So, Reader before making a snake game I’m going to share the source code of my snake game which is available in codepen.io.You can use the source code for the guide and for learning purposes in this blog I can’t show the whole code of snake game due to technical problem of my hosting. So, I had given the source of Snake Game from where you can download and make your own snake game with the help of codewithnepal.com. I apologize I can’t show the code in my blog.

Link to Snake JavaScript Codepen.

Preview of HTML file.

Preview of CSS file.

Preview of JS file.



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